FIBC Reconditioning and Reuse Services

Closed-loop formula

Collecting | reconditioning | replacing | returning

With our closed-loop formula, WorldBag provides a sustainable solution. Used big bags are collected at your premises or those of your customers. The bags are reconditioned and returned, ready for reuse. Damaged bags are rejected for recycling and can be replaced by new bags ordered at our parent company, renowned big bag producer and distributor, LC Packaging.

In short: WorldBag facilitates the circular economy.


WorldBag offers accurate and flexible logistic services and works together with reliable and sustainable transport companies throughout Europe.


Complying with legal requirements and EU directives.

EU directives

WorldBag contributes significantly to EU directive 94/62/EG, with which the EU aims to harmonise national measures regarding the management of packaging and packaging waste to ensure a high level of environmental protection while safeguarding the internal market. As a WorldBag customer, you will automatically meet the terms of this directive.


WorldBag is registered with the NIWO (Organisation of National and International Transport Operators) and the VIHB (Transport Operators, Collectors, Traders and Agents). For our Belgian customers, we are registered with the OVAM (Flemish Public Waste Services) and can provide registration with Val-i-Pac.