FIBC Reconditioning and Reuse Services

Big bag reconditioning

Your used big bag returned, ready for the next cycle.

Big bags with a safety factor of 6:1 or higher can be reused several times. WorldBag collects these big bags from end users throughout Europe. The bags are sorted and inspected, and close attention is paid to several check points, such as damage to the fabric or the loops. Big bags suitable for reuse are cleaned (reconditioned) using specialised machinery. The inside of the big bag is cleaned by blowing (dry) air through the bags, a process that uses no chemicals. After this, the bags are thoroughly inspected and, where necessary, new ties, document pockets and liners are attached. To guarantee the high quality of the big bags, they are inspected again before folding and palletising, after which they are ready to use.

WorldBag closed-loop formula