save the planet: refurbish & recycle

Reuse your big bags

WorldBag is specialised in reconditioning and recycling big bags.

WorldBag collects used big bags from all over Europe, cleaning and repairing them, ready for reuse. The bags are then delivered to our customers in pristine condition. With this closed-loop formula, WorldBag offers a unique, efficient, sustainable 100% solution. Reconditioning your big bags ensures the right balance between a long life span and low costs. Come and see the closed loop cycle of our big bags.


WorldBag is an affiliate of LC Packaging, the internationally renowned packaging producer and distributor, which means we can also supply sustainable, fairly produced, new big bags of a consistently high quality.

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Advantages of our service

  • Sustainable, 100% solution with a closed-loop formula
  • Less packaging waste means savings for your customers
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Complies with EU directive 94/62/EG
  • Registered with NIWO and VIBH
  • Registered with OVAM and Val-i-Pac (Belgian market)