save the planet: refurbish & recycle

Responsible packaging

As well as saving on your operational costs, reconditioning has a positive impact on the environment.

Reconditioning used big bags takes less energy than producing new ones. Fossil fuels are not inexhaustible. By extending the life span of your packaging, the unnecessary use of natural resources can be limited.

Sustainable transport and storage

WorldBag also offers solutions that simplify the transportation and storage of big bags. We use bag racks as part of a stacking system for used big bags and we can offer a special press to high volume customers, which will save on both space and costs. Contact us for more information.

WorldBag and sustainability

WorldBag’s reconditioning process also complies with the strict international ISO 14001 standard. We continue to strive for permanent improvement of our environmental performance, by working exclusively with transport companies who actively strive to reduce CO2 emissions. We also inspect and process our waste in a sustainable manner, which leads to reduced energy consumption.

LC Packaging, our parent company, has been focussed on sustainability for over 90 years and is EcoVadis certified. Both the own FIBC production locations and the production partners have been awarded the renowned SA8000 certificate, a leading global standard for corporate social responsibility. Additionally, LC Packaging reduces its transport and subsequently, CO2 emissions, through improved planning, and is continually improving its packaging, so fewer resources are required.