FIBC Reconditioning and Reuse Services

Responsible packaging

Reconditioning used big bags takes less energy than producing new ones. Fossil fuels are not inexhaustible. By extending the life span of your packaging, the unnecessary use of natural resources can be limited. 

Reusing big bags is therefore an important part of the future circular economy, with significant savings of raw materials as well as resulting in a much lower carbon footprint. Depending on the number of reuse cycles, reuse of FIBCs can lead to a reduction of up to 72% of the bag’s carbon footprint compared to a new FIBC. 

Transport and storage

WorldBag also offers solutions that simplify the transportation and storage of big bags. We use bag racks as part of a stacking system for used big bags and we can offer a special press to high volume customers, which will save on both space and costs. Contact us for more information.

WorldBag and sustainability

WorldBag continues to strive to permanently improve our environmental performance, for example by working exclusively with transport companies who actively strive to reduce CO2 emissions. We inspect and process our waste, which leads to reduced energy consumption.

By reusing packaging as many times as possible, the unnecessary use of natural resources can be limited, allowing us to work together towards lowering our CO2 footprint, lowering the global increase of temperature and preventing plastic from ending up in the ocean. With our closed-loop formula of collecting, sorting, reconditioning, replacing and returning, WorldBag offers a sustainable solution.