Reusing big bags: The valuable benefits

21 September 2022
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Used big bags (FIBCs) are collected throughout Europe by WorldBag, cleaned and prepared ready for reuse. Following this, the bags are delivered to our customers in pristine condition and of consistently high quality. This is termed a ‘closed-loop formula’, allowing WorldBag customers to participate in a unique, efficient and sustainable programme encompassing a long life span and positively impacting your carbon footprint. The eight benefits of reusing before recycling are clear to see:

1.   Minimise carbon footprint

In addition to significantly reducing environmental impact, big bags with a safety factor of 6:1 can be reused five times without sacrificing quality, strength, or durability. Putting this into perspective, using 10,000 big bags once will save, on average, 43%, but using them six times will save 66% of CO2 emissions.

2.   Sustainable solutions in waste management

Sustainable solutions can help you plan your waste management policy with measurable cost savings.

3.      Cost savings

After only one reuse cycle, you will see a positive impact on cost. However, reusing a multi-use FIBC five times will bring significant cost savings on your packaging spend.

4.      Minimise costs for disposal/incineration

The challenge is to turn used big bags into valuable resources. The solution we propose is to create a circular economy for big bags. Reducing disposal/incineration costs by collecting, reusing and recycling them.

5.     Impact [external] customer loyalty

Retaining customer loyalty depends greatly on listening to and acting on evolving demands and trends. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability challenges and trends. By responding to these needs and collaborating on reducing waste and carbon emissions, you can effectively build a stronger loyalty relationship.

6.      Possible bag recycling

When a big bag has reached the end of its reusable life cycle, the bag can be recycled into a valuable resource to use the raw material in the production of a new big bag.

7.      Protection against reputational damage

You will reap the rewards of our global sustainability expertise by partnering with LC Packaging and its valued partners. You will already be aware of the importance of reputation!  By ensuring bags with your branding complete their life cycle and are recycled properly, you will strengthen your brand and avoid any of your bags being sold into unspecified markets.

8.      Reporting

We will support you with statistical reuse figures, key performance indicators and organisational cost savings during your journey to reduce your environmental impact.

There are lots to consider in your journey to a more sustainable operating model, and we’d love to discuss how we can support you. Contact us now for a no-obligation chat with an expert.

We have highlighted here eight benefits of joining the WorldBag recycling system. We will update you further on each point, so keep an eye out for this.

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